Golden Acre Community Centre, Saffron Walden, Essex

CB11 4BL

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Saffron Walden

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"Both my son (9) and daughter (6) started Capoeira last November. I was struggling to find something, especially for my son, who was having a difficult time at school and suffered from low self confidence. It didn't take long though and because the classes were fun and positive, by the summer he was happily participating in the rodas which were organized at summer fetes and festivals. He is quite shy and would have never performed in front of large groups of people prior to this, but he had the encouragement of all the other students and great teachers which really gave him boost after boost. When he was awarded his first belt he told me it was the best day of his life and I could't have been happier for him. I have seen both my children grow in physical strength but also in themselves, learning about community and respecting themselves and others." - Kendra, Bishops Stortford.


"Negaça Capoeira is a group which has a huge friendship aspect. From the minute you start training with the group you are made to feel welcome and all the other students and teachers are always there to help and guide you. The events are also always great as you get to meet new people from different groups and learn new things. Sometimes you even learn a different style of capoeira which is great as it expands your knowledge of capoeira." - Student, Cambridge


"Capoeira with Negaça is the highlight of my week. It's a chance to unwind with friends, get a great workout and learn about a new culture and language. But be warned - it's highly addictive!" - Student, Cambridge


"Fun, friendly and freedom to express yourself,  are the first characteristics that come to my mind when I think of Negaça events.  This, with the quality of teaching from the awesome guest teachers and  Negaça's own teachers make these events the right environment to favour student's creativity and expression while learning the beautiful martial art Capoeira." - Student, Cambridge

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