Golden Acre Community Centre, Saffron Walden, Essex

CB11 4BL

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Saffron Walden

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Negaça Capoeira's philosophy is rooted in the philosophies of the great capoeira masters of old, and some of the present day. These philosophies serve to guide and help capoeiristas within the roda and also in their everyday lives. The philosophy of Negaça Capoeira embraces the following principles:


• Respect for all other capoeiristas, whether from within the same group or from other groups.

• Willingness to represent the capoeirista community in a positive way.

• Respect for capoeira masters - mestres - that are worthy of such respect.

• Willingness to help preserve and promote capoeira with its traditions and values.

• Aspiration to put the philosophy of the group into practice; to make less errors; to strive to get things right, so that the group's philosophy can be carried forward with a correct attitude towards capoeira and life rather than with words.

• Willingness to work hard today to understand the technical and theoretical bases of capoeira, thus spreading the philosophy of the group and enabling a better tomorrow.

• Aspiration to integrate capoeira into society.

• Willingness to reflect upon one's own moral development within capoeira and encourage the same in others

• Recognition that it is more important to try to change oneself in a positive way than attempt to change the  world, as self-improvement can often encourage others to do the same.


Negaça Capoeira has a grading system that is represented by wearing coloured belts around the waist and which hang to the left down to the knee.

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Student 1, 2, 3

Graduate Student




Contramestre/Counter Master

Mestre/Master level 1 & 2

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